July 19, 2017


Our team at Codedion helps you to Align your workforce and optimize performance, Tracking & Go clouding.

           We give you the cutting edge solutions; core HR, collaboration tools, and workforce analytics that you need to produce, measure, track, and continuously improve your business results through people, every day, everywhere.

          Our ERP on cloud HCM Suite helps transform business strategies into measurable business outcomes by simplifying HR processes and maximizing employee engagement with mobility integrations.

         We provide unmatched solution breadth and depth through a full set of core HR and talent solutions based on modern cloud technology that makes them simple to use, simple to run and simple for your people to succeed.


The Simplicity of Cloud ERP

          SaaS software eliminates many of the barriers that keep companies from implementing or upgrading their cloud ERP solution; more importantly it enables them to focus on their core business operations instead of managing IT.

          The Express delivery model is designed to help you reduce complexity, get up and running quickly, and decrease on-going operational costs.


  1. Core HRA complete core HR system of record in the cloud

  2. Analytics & MobilityIncreasing the effectiveness and visibility of HR

  3. Talent Management Empower your leaders, engage your employees, see the business results

  4. Social CollaborationTurn HCM into a collaborative process

  5. TMS – Transport Management System on the Cloud.